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Prototypes Tested


Key prototypes tested:  25 sample students : period of 12 months : barest minimum resources


1. Academic performance of students participating in sports


2. Selection of sports trainees: PISRD's Sports Aptitude Test (PSAT)


3. Compatibility of academic schedules with sports 


4. Imparting fitness, sports, mental toughness and behavioural training using scientific and research based approaches


5. Use of reformed sports environment


6. Use of sports protocols


7. Role of management tools and techniques in selection, training, performance, evaluation, etc. of sports trainees



Results of Prototypes



Academic Performance


All 25 sample students could improve their academic performance considerably. All students and parents are happy. All students accredit their success largely to PISRD as they could score good marks by preparing for exams in lesser time than before joining PISRD.


Selection of Sports Trainees


The PISRD's Sports Aptitude Tests (PSAT) successfully provided aptitude based screening tool. Further scope is found to fine tune the PSAT for all levels and grades of participants in sports


Compatibility of Academic and Sports Environment


Reform based academic and sports environment is found as the need of the hour. To make it happen, we have launched Level I Academic School from KG and Standard 1 to 4 from the academic year 2017-18. This is the foundation and the first step of our long range planning. 


Use of Scientific and Natural Approaches


Some of the scientific and natural concepts and theories were successfully practised during the course of imparting training to the sample students. All the students highly appreciated these and attributed their success to the same. We intend to incorporate more scientific and natural approaches in the times to come.


Sports Protocols


This is critical part of working on fitness and sports training from micro angles/levels and we successfully implemented some of the sports protocols. We found need for developing more sports protocols for every level, fitness and games.


Best Management Practices


We tested some of the tools and techniques of management for capturing information, analysis, performance, evaluation, etc. and look forward to make use of more tools and techniques in the times to come. This is critical part of quality management.




Wow Moments of Prototypes



Vraj Selected as Best Emerging Player by Government of Gujarat



Vraj claimed 3 AITA U-10 titles in Tennis and selected as Best Eerging Player and was awarded cash prize of Rs.2,50,000



PISRD's Students Trains Government School Students


Trained by three yogagurus/experts for one year, PISRD's 25 students between the age of 9 to 18 trained 2000 students of 18 government primary, secondary and higher secondary schools  to perform yoga for 3 days on the occasion of Vishwa Yoga Day Celebration, free of charge.



Antar Breaks U-14  Gujarat State  Athletic-100m/200m sprint record



Our student Antar created history by breaking Gujarat State U-14 Athletic-100m and 200m sprint record. She hails from a very poor tribal family and we train her for free. Now, she is working hard for national titles.



3 Cricket Trainees selected for District Tournaments and 8 went for State Selection only after training of 12 months



Our 8 trainees got selected for National School games i.e.C. K. Nayudu Trophy and Vinoo Mankad Trophy selection trials and 3  got selected for inter district cricket tournament in 2016.  



PISRD hosted District School Athletics Event



We successfully hosted District School Athletics event in which 800 boys and girls participated.  Our infrastructure and manpower were provided free of cost for the event in order to promote sports in one of the backward districts of the Gujarat State.



Our 25 students successfully participated in 21km Ahmedabad Marathons



Our 25 students age between 8 to 18 successfully completed 21km Ahmedabad Marathons with good timings.



Our 10 cricket trainees have passed club level umpiring practical and theory exams


They have been rated as very good umpires by all the club teams for which they have done umpiring in more than 100 matches so far.

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