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The Concept

  • 1st Time in India : we provide opportunity to multi talented students to excel both in academics and in sports.


  • Ours innovative schools, from KG to PG - created through research, are dedicated to multi talented students. 


  • The schools are personally managed by Dr. Dinesh Vaghela’s [PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB].


  • Dr. Vaghela has huge international grade experience in academics, sports and management. He has recruited and trained 1000+ officers for SBI and other prominent Banks.


  • Our Schools  prepare  efficient, enlightened and happy youth in their fields of passion, potential and scope with emphasis on employment at the stage of completing schooling or graduation.


  • We provide multiple accreditations/certifications compatible with passion, potential and scope of student.


The Creator


Dr. Dinesh Vaghela : The Director 


Educational Qualifications


PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB and basic computer programming                              


Experience as Academician, Recruiter and Trainer  


Dr. Vaghela has trained and recruited 1000+ officers for Multi National Banks like SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, etc.


Experience of International Sports Management and Coaching 


Dr. Vaghela, as Sr. Manager, managed 13 T-20 matches for Indian Cricket League (ICL- a ZEE TV Group co.) with huge success.


Boys/girls trained by him in cricket, athletics, tennis, marathons have reached up to national-state levels within 1 to 2 years.


Sports Qualifications of Dr. Vaghela


1. A qualified Cricket Pitch Curator of BCCI.


2. International panel umpire of Indian Cricket League (ICL) and England and Wales County Board (ECB).


3. Participant of Himalaya Trekking Expedition


4. Participant of 21km high ultitude Shimla Marathon.


Senior Management Experience of Dr. Vaghela


1. Dr Vaghela was Asst. General Manager of State Bank of India


2. Dr. Vaghela had worked as Branch Head of 3 very big branches and as  Head of Credit of 42 Branches with huge success.


3.  He had appraised and evaluated many industrial, business /trades proposals with highest single exposure of Rs.500 crore.


Sports Infrastructure Development 


Dr. Vaghela has developed sports complexes for Indian Cricket League, Ahmedabad;  FLAME University and Symbiosis International University both at Pune.

Vision, Mission, Objectives, Values




“To Build Schools of Excellence Anchored on Academic-Sports R & D with Emphasis on Employability"




"After conducting research from the grass root level and finding scope for reforming academic and sports environment, implement  compatible schools of excellence in education-sports and prepare multi talented youth as efficient, enlightened and happy humans as well as professionals who can excel in their fields of passion, potential and scope, with guaranteed placement.


Key Objectives


  • To identify and groom multi talented youth as young as 4-8 years in their areas of passion, potential and scope.
  • To unearth apparent and hidden potential of youth both in academics and sports and mould them into excellent professional and explosive sports persons who can win laurels for their family as well as state/country.
  • To reform academic and sports environment and implement compatible schools of excellence in academic-sports.  
  • To provide guaranteed placement to students.
  • To provide best in class academic and sports environment at affordable cost


Core Values


  • Recognise and respect human uniqueness and dignity
  • Ethics, Transparency and Philosophy
  • Practice Values and Professionalism

Academic and Sports Innovations


Educational Innovations


(1) Minimum passing standard in each subject raised to 60%, yet 100% results achieved.


(2) Target Elimination Concept introduced that is vastly improving knowledge gap.


(3) Our convenience and need based timings of class room session are delight for the students.


(4) Our students love taking exams which are 300% tough, yet they achieve marks between 60 - 100.


(5) The target oriented approaches implemented from top to bottom is raising efficiency bars of students and staff.


(6) We have redefined educational and sports delivery methods. Students are really enjoying and getting benefitted from the same.


(7) We have removed the fear of parents and students that sport hampers education. Instead, our approaches have proved that      "Sports Fosters Education Growth"



Sports Innovations


(1)  Our mandatory training of fitness, yoga and sports have raised efficiency bars of students very high.


(2) The multi faceted talent of students is anchored based on benchmarked aptitude tests, from KG to class 8


(3)  We are in the process to design and develop specialised sports curriculum from kG to PG.                                                               


(4) We are working  on establishing sports schools up to post graduation level with professional courses.

Targets and Results


[A] Academic Targets and Achievements


  • All students achieves targeted minimum score of 60% marks academic upgradation befitting their talent, potential and scope.
  • The concept of "Target Elimination Book" and revision tests for those scoring less than 60% marks in the 1st attempt have worked successfully in favour of students


[B] Sports Targets


  • Club or Tehsil Player  :  1 to 4 years of training
  • District Player             :  5 to 8 years of training.
  • State Player                :  9 to 15 years of training
  • National Player          :  15+ years of training 
  • International Player   :  17+ years of training


       Sports Achievements of 12 months


  • A 10 tennis player is Youngest Emerging Player getting Rs.2.5 lac award from Government of Gujarat 
  • A 14 year girl is ranking 4th in India in 100m/200m sprint events
  • Our cricket team created history by becoming Banaskantha Dist. Champion and playing at State Level
  • 25 students got medals in 21km Ahmedabad Marathons
  • All our students are yoga proficient 
  • 10 students are umpiring club cricket matches in Ahmedabad 


Unique Features


  • Highly qualified and committed promoters having international experience in academic, sports and management 
  • New model of professional schools is designed and developed after research and success of prototypes
  • Affordable and best in class academic and sports environment including trained English Medium Teachers 
  • Dual certification i.e. one in education and another in sports, on request
  • Exclusive Sports Curriculum, Courseware and Methodology by specialists in sports fields
  • Sports training by caoches, sports assistants, yog teacher, support staff and subject specialists
  • The schools visionary, Dr Vaghela, PhD, MBA, LLB, MCom, CAIIB, Honorary Director, stays at the campus 24x7 alongwith Honorary Managing Trustee, Ms. Harshida Vaghela ensuring personal implementation
  • Core Values



Dr D. L. Vaghela, PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB, Honorary Director and Head R&D.
He has highly successful international level experience in  academics, sports and senior management.
He was i) Asst. General Manager of  State Bank of India; ii) Venue Head and International Panel umpire of  ZEE TV Group's Indian Cricket Leage; and iii) Head- Faculty of NIIT IFBI. He has developed sports facilities for FLAME/Bymbiosis International Universities and is also a qualified pitch curator of BCCI. 
Gaurav Vaghela, MBA, Inter ICWA, Honorary Head Coach
He has experience of working as Chaperone i.e. Anti Doping Assistant in Indian Premier League (IPL) for 2 years; National Level Cricketer; Level I Umpire of BCCI and Cricket Coaching for 5 year.
Pooja Vaghela, M.Tech., Honorary Engineer and Mentor for staff and students
She is Senior Manager at GIFT City-the first SMART City of India at Gandhinagar. She has travelled to Sweitzerland, Germany, Sweeden, Singapore, Dubai for projects. She is provideing honorary services to one of the Blind School for Girls in Ahmedabad.
Harshida Vaghela, BCom, LLB, Honorary Head-Admin and Cultural Support
Stays at the campus 24x7. She has experience of administration for 5 year.
Teachers for KG and Primary Schools :  
1. Dr. D. L. Vaghela, Honorary Principal
2. Ms. Harshida Vaghela, Honorary Teacher and Head Admin
3. Mr. Hitesh Vaishnav, B.C.A. and Sports-Fitness Trainer
4. Ms. Hinaben Prajapati, P.T.C.
5. Mr. Karansinh, Sports Assistant
Honorary Yogguru: Mr. Gopal Ahir, B.Com., qualified yogguru.
Sports Physiotherapist : Dr. Hardik Patel, M.P.T., Consulting
Adventure Sports Specialist : One
Sports Ground/Facilities Staff : 4 persons trained for the past 3 years by Dr. Vaghela
Specialists engaged as per need.

Accreditations & Permissions

  • “Pooja Charitable Trust” registration No.E/17537/Amdavad dated 23.03.2006.
  • Regn No. DIT (E)/AHD/80G(5)/PCT/447/2013-14 dt.26.11.2013 u/s 80G (5) of the Income Tax Act,1961.
  • Regn u/s 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961, No.DIT (E) Ahd/12AA/PCT/441/2013-14 dt. 19.08.201
  • Pooja Charitable Trust have promoted two units i.e. PISRD Sports School for Excellence in Academics and PISRD for Research and Development of Sports and Education
  • PISRD is also registered by Gujarat Tourism Development Corporation as Adventure and Water Sports Tourist Centre
  • The Ministry of Finance, Government of India is processing PISRD's application for recognition as an authorised research institute in sports 
  • Permission for English Medium Primary and Upper Primary Schools received from District Primary Education Officer, Goverment of Gujarat, District Banashkantha.
  • We have already submitted our proposal for getting approval of the Fee Committe appointed by the Government of Gujarat, DIET Campus, Near Gota High way, Ahmedabad in March, 2018 and await their decesion. 
  • Sports Authority of Gujarat has chosen PISRD as their corporate partner for development of sports and actively considering In School Sports Status for PISRD Sports School.
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