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Talent Identification and Career Anchoring





  • We have systems in place to identify, groom and monitor major traits, aptitude, passion, potential and scope of every student.
  • The growth of student is based on target oriented approaches in majority of the deliverables. 
  • For this, we have designed and developed tools and echniques after successful testing of prototypes.
  • We have built an environment of "Clean and Positive Energies" for talent to flourish.




  • Our training in motorability, yoga, fun sports, fitness and basics of sports starts from KG level.
  • Thereafter 2/3 years, sports skills and fitness are develed which are scientifically anchored on targets.
  • We target to make talented students ready for competitive sport at the age of 8 year.
  • Raw Talent is also promoted by us in deserving cases.

Academic and Sports Reforms

Background and Precursor


  • Our research on 100+schools, sports academies and 500 players/coaches/managers revealed huge scope for reforming academic-sports environment.


  • Based on this, we tested some of the prototypes which yielded positive results both in academics and in sports.


  • The encouraging resulted of prototypes prompted us to establish PISRD Peps Sports School for KG and PISRD Sports School for Standard 1 to 8 from June 2017 with reformed academic and sports environment.


  • We also developed innovative academic and sports delivery contents and methodology with the help of experts to ensure exilering learning and training experiences for students as well as staff.


  • Our compatible and flexible academic-sports deliverables have removed conventional barriers to boost motivational level of students and staff resulting in very high levels of efficiencies.


  • The teachers, trainers and students are empowered to learn and acquire life skills in one of the most conducive and enjoyable environment.


  • Our best management practices and tools have considerable reduced wastage of efforts and resources.


  • We leverage our natural environment to its fullest extent. 

Reforms of Academic-Sports Methodology

  • Use of scientific methods in many of the deliverables is enabling students and staff to apply and corelate acquired knowledge into real life situations.


  • We have innovated and introduced:-  Target Elimination for difficult topics, subjects; methods of learning; participative learning; fun based learning of dry subjects like maths and languages


  • Each student is measured and benchmark for target oriented anchoring for learning


  • Flexbile timings of class befitting environment are introduced for maximum learning wiith out stress.


  • Coordinated use of yoga, fitness and sports are fostering learning of every student.


  • Behavioral competencies of every student is mapped and targeted for improvement to make them professional.


  • The entire professional course ware in sports have the following phases:- 


            KG to class 3 :          Level I;


            Standard 4 to 7 :      Level II;


            Standard 8 to 12      Level III;


            Graduation :             Level IV


            Post Graduation :     Level V.


  • The professional course ware in sports have subjects like fun sports, motor skills development, adventure sports, application of sports science,  fitness techniques and tools, developing physical powers, sports skills and techniques, behavioural cometencies, mental powers, theory and application of laws-rules and regulations of  games, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports implements and equipments procurement and management, sports event management,  grooming of sports person, sports language and communication, yoga and meditation, application of technology for performance enhancement, mentoring sports persons to success, living with nature, application of strategies on the field and off the field, PISRDs' Life Skills, etc. 

Operations Management

  • We have innovated several tools, techniques, procedures, concepts  in operations management for quality.
  • We have designed and developed appropriate models to improve efficiency of students
  • To quote a few, Target Elimination Book, Benchmarking Performance Achievement at each stage,  Research based Customised Instruments for Sports Talent Identification, Self Propelled Targets for Performance Enhancement,  etc. 
  • For quality management,  appropriate sports philosophies, prototypes and approaches  are  tested, customized and standardized.
  • Customised Protocols are the key instruments for knowledge acquisition, fitness of body and mind and behavioural competencies including for performance enhancement, error detection, correction, etc. 
  • Many more tools and techniques of quality improvement are under testing.



Customized Research for Sports Fraternity

  • Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) have considered our Institute as their Corporate Partner to develop sports.
  • Our research based inputs have helped Vraj Gohil, U-10 Tennis Player to become No.1 in Gujarat. He has been awarded the youngest ever "Promising Sports Persons of Gujarat" by Government of Gujarat and honored by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with a cheque of Rs.2,50,000/-.. Within a short span of 2 years, he has achieved this feat from no where.
  • We invite customized research for individuals, team, sports body, government, corporate etc. to get benefitted from our proprietary sports environment in the areas of  customised perfomance enhancement, planning, operations and decision making purposes.


Prototypes of sports environment including sports culture, sports operations, sports tools and techniques, sports curriculum, sports delivery methodology, etc. for Level I Sports School are under testing 

Prototypes for remaining Levels of Sports Schools will take place in due course.

Operating staff is empowered to adopt innovations for reciprocal benefits.  


Employment as Professional Sports Person

  • Sports persons invest huge time and efforts to acquire physical, mental, behavioural, technical, tactical and social traits and aptitutde. These life skills are neither recognised by academic system nor employers.
  • We consider sports persons as extra ordinary human beings who are highly efficient and productive when compared to ordinary persons.
  • We propose to convince academic systems, employers and sports fraternity that sports persons are highly efficient even under toughest of environment and thus request them to create/modify job profiles befitting sports persons 
  • Our level wise curriculum shall honor meritorious sports persons as professionals who can either work as professionals or get employed as professionals
  • Our Campus Placement Service based on achievements by our trainees shall ensure safe future for them





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