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Talent Identification and Career Anchoring

  • We intend to identify traits, aptitude, passion, potential and scope of every child associated with us from young age.
  • Appropriate tools and techniques of identifying traits, aptitude, passion, potential and scope shall be developed after testing prototypes.
  • There will be a coordinated approach for these involving respective stakeholders.
  • There will be anchoring of traits, aptitude, passion, potential and scope for extracting the possible best career options for our students from the beginning.
  • We certainly consider this as an unique and challenging task but we shall put our best foot forward to ensure it sees the light of the day.
  • Training in motorability, yoga, fun sports, fitness and basics of sports will start from standard 1st.
  • Sports discipline of the student will be decided after 4/5 years of these training, after considering aptitude, DNA, passion, potential and scope in consultation with parents
  • We have designed and developed PISRD's Customised Sports Aptitude Test (CPAT) for this purpose
  • Prototype of CPAT is tested successfully
  • CPAT is designed and developed after research on 125 prominent sports persons/coaches and after benchmarking performances at different levels.
  • In addition to CPSAT, Raw Talent Hunt is an ongoing process at PISRD

Reforming Academic & Sports Environment

  • Our research on 100+schools and sports coaching centres of Gujarat revealed huge scope for reforming academic and sports environment
  • A prototype testing on 25 sample/subject students aged 7 to 17 yielded positive results in terms of academic, sports and personality.
  • Academic school from pre primary and primary is slated to start from the year 2017-18
  • This will pave the way for establishing the hypotheses already tested and yet to be tested
  • Sports delivery content and methodology for level I Sports School (class 1 to 4) is designed & developed by experts
  • Ratio of sports practicals vis a vis theory shall be around 80 : 20
  • Ratio of sports vis a vis academic to be compatible with academic system
  • Breaking conventional barriers is a real challenge 
  • The best management practices, tools and techniques befitting sports management are being tested
  • Nature and Natural environment is levereaged to its fullest extent

Reforming Sports Curriculum/Courseware

  • Sports modules for level I (class 1 to 4) are under preparation after successful testing of prototypes
  • The course is being designed and developed by Dr. Vaghela with invaluable inputs from sports coaches, sports physio, sports scientists, international/national players, referees/umpires, dietician, child specialist, orthopeadic surgeons, etc. 
  • Level I will have subjects viz. motor ability, fitness, fun sports, basics of sports, yoga, PISRD Life Skills, etc.
  • The levels of entire curriculum/courseware may be Standard 1 to 4 : Level I; Standard 5 to 8 : Level II; Standard 9 to 12 Level III; Graduation : Level IV and Post Graduation : Level V.
  • There will be separate provision of certification for this curriculum/courseware
  • The professional subjects of this curriculum/courseware shall help students to either get self employed as sports professional or get job matching with his profile.
  • From Level III onwards students shall have choice of career as sports professional in various disciplines of sports
  • Some of the subjects proposed for Introduction are fun sports, motor skills development, adventure sports, application of sports science,  fitness techniques and tools, developing physical powers, sports skills and techniques, behavioural cometencies, mental powers, theory and application of laws-rules and regulations of  games, injury prevention and rehabilitation, sports implements and equipments procurement and management, sports event management,  grooming of sports person, sports language and communication, yoga and meditation, application of technology for performance enhancement, mentoring sports persons to success, living with nature, application of strategies on the field, PISRDs' Life Skills, etc. 

Sports Operations Management

  • Several aspects of sports operations management are prototyped and tested with success
  • Appropriate models are being designed and developed in house to improve efficiency of sports and sports persons
  • To quote a few, Research based Customised Instruments for Sports Talent Identification, Self Propelled Targets for Performance Enhancement,  Performance Assessment and Evaluation,  etc. 
  • For quality management,  appropriate sports philosophy,  policy, systems and procedures are being implemented and  tested, customized and standardized.
  • Customised Sports Protocols are the key instruments for preparing sports person physically, mentally and behaviour wise to impart basics,  enhance performance, error detection, correction, etc. 
  • We propose to be the trend setter in sports operations management

Customized Research for Sports Fraternity

Requirement for customized research for individuals, team, sports body, government, corporate etc. is welcomed in order to leverge on our proprietary sports environment with an aim to provide inputs and conclusions for gap bridging, customised perfomance enhancement, planning, operations and decision making purposes.


Innovations of sports, sports environment including sports culture, sports operations, sports tools and techniques, sports curriculum, sports delivery methodology, etc. for Level I Sports School is under testing and results will be used in due course

Innovations for remaining Levels of Sports School will take place well in time.

Operating staff is empowered to adopt innovations for reciprocal benefits.  

We intend to acquire status of  "PISRD a Mother of Sports Innovations" in true spirit.

Employment as Professional Sports Person

  • Sports persons invest huge time and efforts to acquire life skills viz. physical, mental, behavioural, technical, tactical, social, etc. These are neither recognised by academic system nor employers.
  • We propose to convince academic systems, employers and sports fraternity that sports persons are highly efficient even under toughest of environment and thus request them to create/modify job profiles befitting sports persons 
  • Our level wise curriculum shall honor meritorious sports persons as professionals who can either work as professionals or get employed as professionals
  • Our Campus Placement Service, after minimum of 5 years of  training and 18+ years of age as well as achievements of bench marked/land marked targets by our trainees shall ensure safe future for them





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