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Professional Management

  • Academics and sports environment is reformed after research by a team of highly qualified management having international level experience
  • English medium teachers are trained regularly and work under direct supervision of Director Dr D. L. Vaghela
  • An aura of unmatching academic and sports environment is being created to achieve overall excellence
  • Every team member has been impressed upon to deal with all stakeholders with utmost care, honesty and transparency
  • Every team member is empowered to employ creative and innovative methods wherever feasible in addition to standardised courseware

HRM and Culture/DNA


Human Resource Management


Students, teachers, coaches, support staff, visiting specialists and management are motivated and empowered to innovate. It will ensure their personal growth also.


Our Culture or DNA


  • Innovation, research, reforms, customization and standardisation wherever required.
  • Focussed and committed approach from all involved.
  • Laying strong foundation of academic as well as sports from grass root.
  • Unbiased,  ethical and safe academic and sports environment.
  • Ample opportunities to all to showcase their true potential, skills and performance 
  • Take personal care of every individual and channelises positive energies 

Academic and Sports Environment

  • Best in class and cost efficient academic and sports environment
  • In the natural environment of Arvalli Hills
  • Personal care and supervision of Dr. D. L. Vaghela
  • Skilled human resource with positive attitude.
  • Application of best management practices.
  • Reforms based deliverables, methodology, courseware, infrastructure, philosophy, culture, etc..
  • Additional sports courseware/curriculum from standard 1 to 12.

Adventure Sports

PISRD campus  is surrounded by beautiful/famous Aravalli Hills as well as huge reservoir of Dharoi Dam on river Sabarmati where we undertake activities like trekking, repelling, river crossing, boating, rock climbing, mountain cycling,, cross country running, boot camps on the lines of military training to add value to the normal sports training.

Gujarat Tourism Development Corporation have registered PISRD as an authorised institute to carry out adventure sports activities. Safety and security of all involved in adventure sports are regularly emphasised. 

Quality Management

Academic and Sports Environment


Our natural, creative, best in class and affordable environment fosters and accelerates pace of growth and development of students, staff, visiting faculty and management. Academic and sports deliverables are made compatible and complimenting each other.


Customised Operating Procedure [COP]


We anchor and/or target customised operating procedures for many activities and individual.


Customised Academic and Sports Protocols (CAP and CSP)


Customised Academic and Sports Protocols  are used for imparting basics, skill development, performance enhancement, error detection and rectification, etc. for holistic development of our students.


Customised Performance Management System (CPMS)


Our performance management instruments viz. Customised  PISRD's Academic and Sports Aptitude Test [CPAPT and CPSAT], Customised Self Propelled Targets for Performance Enhancement [CSPTPE], Customised Monitoring of Academic and Sports Aptitude Tests [CMAAT and CMSAT], etc. helps us to  capture, measure, analyse, benchmark, target and anchor individual's performance on regular basis. 


Technology Management


We use audio visuals, tools and equipments and other latest technology for imparting knowledge/skills; performance evaluation; performance enhancement; monitoring and research as an integral part of development of excellence.


Yoga and Meditation


  • Researches have recognized beyond doubts that yoga and meditation enhance performance and help  to deal with stress and emotions.
  • Our qualified experts implement and monitor Yoga and Meditation Aptitude Tests [YMAT], Self Propelled Targets for Yoga and Medittion [SPTYM] and Monitoring Yoga and Meditation Performance [MYMP]   


Mentoring Behaviour 


  • Academic and sports aptitude of students and staff largely depends upon their past up bringing, learning and experiences, motivational level, mood pattern, physical ability, culture, emotions, work environment, social fabric, attitude, values, discipline, rapport, authority, coercion, etc.
  • Our Customised Behavioural Tests [CBT], Customised Mental Toughness Tests (CMTT),  Customised Self Propelled Targets for Appropriate Behaviour [CSPTAB], Customised Self Propelled Targets for Mental Toughness (CSPTMT),  and Customised Monitoring of Behavioral Tests [CMBT]  are examples of some of the instruments tested for monitoring and performance management

Diet and Nutrition

  • Students, more particularly in a sports school like us, burn more calories than a normal youth.  Moreover, in order to carry out, sustain and excel in highly demanding academic and sports  activities a complete diet plan with required nutritional values is must. We seek support of every parent to ensure this critical aspect of overall development of their child.


Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

  • We recongnize that a smallest pinch or pain affect motivational as well as performance level of students.
  • Services of post graduate and experienced sports physiotherapist is available, on payment of charges, to take care of body posture, biomechanics, injury and rehabilitation of students.
  • His inputs are available for physical and behavioural skills of students as well as for best physical outputs, prevention/rehabilitation of injury and diet plan  for performance enhancement.

Work Pressure, Stress and Emotions Management

  • Our students, staff and management have to put in extra efforts and manage more aspects of life than a normal person. 
  • Many a times, these obviously creates lots of pressure as well as physical and mental stress resulting into emotions going high.
  • Success and failure are part of the game but playing the game in true spirit and feeling joy of each activity and event leads to excellence. 
  • We have evolved suitable approaches, tools and techniques to pacify negative feelings in possible holistic ways and work on individual basis.
  • Our Mentors Dr. Vaghela and Ms. Pooja Vaghela plays vital role here.

Disaster Management

  • We consider this as critical aspect  of management.
  • Safety and security of every individual is  paramount for us.
  • We have built in required systems and procedures for internal and external disaster management to ensure safety, security and well being of every individual..

Safety First

Safety of every individual is of paramount importance for us.

We provide for the following to ensure safety of every one:-

1. Proper implements, equipments and environment.

2. Safe sports fields

3. Safety equipments, instructions and care

4. Equipments to avoid accidents

5. First Aid Facility in case of minor sickness or injury

6. Expert opnion in case of major sickness or injury to aggravate the status


Health and Hygiene

Importance of sound health and hygiene practices are emphasised for all on regular basis

Clean personal hygiene as well as clean infrastructure and facility provide protection against possible fall outs.

Diet, sleep, rest, recovery, sound personal habits, meditation, entertainment, time management, etc. practised with discipline ensure fighting fit health and power to excel in sports as well as academics. 

We solicit cooperation and compliance from all stakeholders

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