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  • A survey of 100+ prominent schools, 50+ sports academies and 500+ people from academic/sports fraternity was conducted across Gujarat by Dr. Vaghela


  • The findings of survey revealed lots of gaps in conducting and managing academic and sports.


  • Therefore, it was decided to innovate and reform academic and sports environment right from KG to PG and design/develop a complete/unbroken chain of schools.


  • Many critical aspects of academic and sports environment were prototyped and tested.  The findings were excellent in terms of quality, quantity and cost.


  • We aim to fully exploit potential, passion and scope of our students and  prepare them as enlightened, happy and efficient humans ready as professionals on completion of graduation/post graduation..


  • The 1st phase of our Schools (KG to standard 5) produced excellent results.

1st Time in India

  • Selection of subject after research on aptitude and actual results ! Hence, chances to succeed very high
  • Dedicated Academic and Sports Environment, KG to PG, a real booster of growth for students.
  • Dual Certification after every 4 years of Education !
  • Academics : Minimum passing marks 60% despite 300% tough exams ! Come and Check !
  • Scientifically designed/developed sports curriculum to prepare sports persons, KG to PG !
  • Academic and Sports Deliverables made compatible removing worries of exams !


Levels of Sports Schools

Level Normal Age Expected Achievement and Accreditation Remarks
I 3 to 6 year School Sports. Certificate in Exploratory Sports  KG to Class 2
II 7 to 10 year Tehsil Sports. Certificate in Basics of Sports  Class 3 to 6
III 11 to 14 year District Sports. Diploma in Competitive Sports Class 7 to 10
IV 15 to 18 year State Sports. Degree in Sports Professionalism Class11, 12+college
V 19 year + National Sports. Post Graduation in Excellence of Sports College+Post Graduation

PISRD Peps Sports School

The School English medium KG School, age 3 to 5 years
Special Academic Deliverables Creative Learning with full of fun.
Sports Deliverables, 1st Time in India Fun Sports, Little Adventures, Little Sports, Yoga, Motorability
Researched and Managed by Dr. D. L. Vaghela, PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB, having experience of International Sports and its Management, Professional Education and Recruitment and Training of 1000+ Officers of MNC Banks
Academic and Sports Environment Best in class, affordable, natural
Admissions  Only 15 seats on offer ! 
Selection Based on PISRD's Sports Aptitude Tests
Academic fees p.a. Proposal for annual fee of Rs.25600/- for academic year 2018-19 submitted to Fee Regulatory Committee.
Hostel fees p.a. Tentative : Rs.60,000/- if 7 days a week; Rs.50,000/- if 5 days a week


PISRD Sports School

Standard 1 to 8
Medium English
Academic Deliverables 1st Time in India :-  i) Opportunity for students to improve score up to minimum of 60% through revision tests; ii) Target Elimination Concept for Tough Topics; iii) Flexi Sessions/classes; iv) Flexi Exams befitting needs of sports persons and many more reforms leading toward Excellence in Academic Performance.
Sports Deliverables


Skills and Techniques of Sports, Basics of Sports Sciences, Fitness for Sports, Adventure Sports, Yoga, Basics of Sports Laws, Sports Mentoring, etc. This is outside normal school hours with Sports Certification every 4 year 

Researched and Managed by Dr. D. L. Vaghela, PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB, having experience of international sports and its management, professional education and recruitment and training of 1000+ Officers of MNC Banks
Academic and Sports Environment Highly competitive, adventurous and natural. Best in class and affordable.
Admissions Standard 1 to 8 maximum 30 with only one class
Academic fees Rs.25600/- p.a. Proposal for this already submitted to Fee Regulatory Committee.
Hostel fees Tentative Rs.60,000/- (7 days a week); Rs.50,000/- (5 days a week)


High School

  • This is planned to start from the academic year 2019-20


  • To be implemented as soon as possible. 
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