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The Concept

The concept of Pooja Institute of Sports Research and Development [PISRD] is an outcome of Dr. Dinesh Vaghela’s [PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB] continuing research of more than eight years that includes bridging gaps existing in conventional coaching academies and schools. PISRD is an innovative, unique and exclusive model for the benefit of talented youth and elite sports persons who wish to excel as professional sports person. It aims to provide dynamic, challenging, exhilarating and value based sporting environment for all involved.

The Concept Developer cum Executor

  • The concept is researched, conceived, developed and being personally executed by Dr. Dinesh Vaghela who is winner of national scholarship in education and having credentials of PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB and Basic Computer Programming.
  • As Head of Ahmedabad Venue for Indian Cricket League [ICL] , Dr. Vaghela had managed 21 day night T20 matches, which were live telecasted across 125 countries, involving 100 plus international players and support staff of 9 teams with crowd pulling of 60000 plus.
  • As the only Indian umpire of ICL, Dr. Vaghela officiated in 4 matches as field umpire and 7 matches as third umpire including one final.
  • Dr. Vaghela is Cricket Pitch Curator of Board of Control for Cricket in India [BCCI] and Umpire- Tutor of England and Wales County Board.
  • Recently, Dr. Vaghela completed Himalaya Trekking Expedition and 21 km Shimla Marathon.
  • As Academic Head cum Sr. Faculty of Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance, Dr. Vaghela recruited and trained 400 plus Bank Executives within a period of 3 years. His training skills were rated above 90% by these executives.
  • Dr. Vaghela left State Bank of India [SBI], after having worked as Asst. General Manager [offtg], at the age of 45 years. He was recipient of awards for Best Customer Service, Business Growth, Efficient Branch Management at the most difficult and large branches of SBI.
  • Dr. Vaghela denied lucrative offer from FLAME [proposed university], Pune and to work as their Head of Sports, for PISRD.


“To be a professionally managed, aptitude based sports research and development institute of excellence exclusively for professional sports persons”.


“To provide dynamic, vibrant, value added and sporting environment in which talented youth can build their career as professional sports person”.


  • To spot, nurture and develop youth having potential to be groomed as professional sports person.
  • To ignite, develop and sustain appetite for culture of excellence in students, management and staff.
  • To provide opportunities and platforms for value added, holistic and blended sports cum education.
  • To lay strong foundation of research based knowledge, physique and skills using creative, conducive and challenging environment.

Values Envisaged

  • Respect human dignity, potential and uniqueness.
  • To imbibe humane, ethical and sporting values in all involved.
  • Integrity and fairness in every aspect including selection and age of participants.
  • Strict compliance of prohibited drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gutka, etc.

Games Proposed

Cricket and some of the events of athletics, chess, volley ball, cycling are proposed initially. We propose to cover games like tennis, badminton, table tennis, football, judo, karate, etc. as per demand received from youth and elite sports persons in due course. Cross country running and boot camps on the lines of military training shall be regular features of training. We also propose to carry out activities of adventure sports like tracking, repelling, river crossing, rock climbing, mountain cycling, etc.

Targets of PISRD

We target to produce:-

  • District level sport persons within 2 years.
  • State level sport persons within 4 years.
  • National level sport persons within 5 years.
  • International level sport person within 6 to 7 years.

Future Plans

We propose to establish English medium schools from standard 4th to standard 12th and Degree College with exclusive courseware, pedagogy and set up. It is also proposed to start hostel, dining hall, indoor halls for sports, natural gymnasium, physiotherapy center, dispensary, library, etc.


  • Dr. Dinesh Vaghela (PhD, MBA, MCom, LLB, CAIIB) - Research and Development , CEO of PISRD, BCCI’s Pitch Curator, ECB-UK’s Umpire cum Tutor
    • 1 year as Venue Head of Indian Cricket League [ICL]. He had managed 21 day night T20 matches, which were live telecasted across 125 countries, involving 100 plus international players and support staff of 9 teams with crowd pulling of 60000 plus.
    • Only Indian ICL umpire to officiate in 11 T20 matches including a final.
    • 18 years as umpire of Gujarat Cricket Association.
    • 6 years as pitch curator. [ICL-Ahmedabad & Chennai, FLAME-Pune, SGVP-Ahmedabad, Symbiosis International University-Pune, Police Ground and Ratnal Sports Ground -Bhuj].
    • 3 years as Head cum Sr. Faculty of Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance [IFBI] and as Guest Faculty of State Bank of India.
    • 3 years as Head- Credit of 42 Branches plus 5 years as Chief Manager of 3 Branches of State Bank of India.
  • Harshida Vaghela (BCom, LLB) - Operations Management, Managing Trustee
    • Sports – 2 years
    • Advocate since 1992
  • Pooja Vaghela (M. Tech) - Infrastructure Development, Trustee
    • 3.5 years, Manager in GIFT city project.
    • Professional tours of Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore and Dubai.
    • Honorary services to physically challenged poor girls on every Saturday and Sunday since last 2 years.
  • Gaurav Vaghela (MBA, Pursuing ICWA) - Research and Development, Professional Sports Person
    • Vinoo Mankad Trophy under the leadership of Ravindra Jadeja
    • BCCI’s level 1 umpire since last 5 years
  • Nalin Shah (B.A.) - Research and Development, Passionate about social activities
    • 1 years as Admin Officer of ICL.
    • 5 years as Branch Manager of State Bank of India.
    • 8 years as Desk Officer in Head/Zonal Offices of SBI.

Advisory Council

  • Shri Kiran More, Arjun Award Winner, former Indian Wicket Keeper, former Chairman of Selection Committee of BCCI.
  • Shri Bharat Shah, Ex. Asst. General State Bank of India.
  • Shri Umesh Kacha, TV serial director cum producer.
  • Shri Ishwar Patel, Branch Manager, State Bank of India.
  • Shri Gopal Ahir, Ex. Branch Manager, State Bank of India.

Our Team

PISRD being an innovative, unique and exclusive model for grooming and developing professional sports persons, we propose to identify, recruit and develop professionals in respective fields. Specialists of different fields shall be invited as per requirement. We propose to appoint Heads for Sports, Education and Operations in due course who will work in coordination with Dr. Dinesh Vaghela, CEO.


  • “Pooja Charitable Trust” registration No.E/17537/Amdavad dated 23.03.2006.
  • Registration No. DIT (E)/AHD/80G(5)/PCT/447/2013-14 dated 26.11.2013 u/s 80G (5) of the Income Tax Act,1961.
  • Registered u/s 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961, No.DIT (E) Ahd/12AA/PCT/441/2013-14 dated 19.08.2013.
  • We propose to obtain accreditation as research institute in sports cum education from Government of India as well as under section 35 of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • We propose to obtain accreditations from respective sports and educational bodies.

Appeal for Help

We most humbly appeal to help us by providing sponsorship and scholarship for deserving financially weak students as well as for infrastructure, facilities, equipments, implements, etc. to enable us reduce pricing of courses and offerings. We shall whole heartedly accept branding of the help. However, we shall accept help without any conditions as we do not want to compromise on quality.

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